The Bridge is David Holper's second book of poetry, consisting of his best work over the last ten years.  This book is published by SequoiaSong Publications . Copies are available in hardback, paperbacks, and ebook (through Amazon).
(coming soon) Language Lessons: A Linguistic Hejira, is his third book of poetry, The collection consists of 109 poems, each poem based on an untranslateable word from a foreign language (or in a few cases, rare words in English), its definition, and an interpretation on that word in a poem .  In addition, the 109 poems represent the beads on the japa mala, the prayer beads that Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, and Sikhs use in their spiritual walk, and in this same sense, the book is a spiritual exploration of language through the poems.  
(coming soon) Footprints in the Snow is the first of its kind: a book about fiction that addresses beginning writers on how to develop their craft, as well as how to market their fiction.  The book introduces beginning and more experienced writers to key tools for writers, provides a range of exercises to practice craft, and demystifies what marketing means and how to successfully sell your work.  It is the first of three books in a series.  Footprints addresses how to write and market fiction.  The second book will address how to write and market poetry.  The third book will be a hybrid that addresses how to write and market both poetry and fiction.  
64 Questions is David Holper's first book of poetry published with March Street Press in 2009.