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David will be doing a book release reading for his new book Language Lessons: A Linguistic Hejira at the Morris Graves Museum of Art in Eureka on January 26th, 2024 at 7pm. Reading with him with be Jeff DeMark, Anne Fricke, Margot Genger, Therese Fitzmaurice, and Ginny Kelly.

“Superpower” and “Epithalamium” accepted by Synkroniciti for the 2024 upcoming family issue.

“Roadside Grave” won first place in poetry and $50 at Olivia’s Desk for January 2024 issue.

David will be hosting a reading and book signing for his new book on Sat. September 30th at 1 pm.  See this Eureka Times Standard article for more details.  If you're unable to attend the reading, the book is available on Amazon.  

"The Earthquake" won first place in poetry and appeared in the Sept. 1 issue of Synkroniciti; "Crush" and "All That You Will Never Know" will appear in the November issue.  

"Advice to My Daughter on Heartbreak" won second place in "relationships category" in the 2023 Write From the Heart Anthology.  

"Hiking to Hyperion" and "Connecting the Dots" will appear in the upcoming "Wild" themed issue of Synknoniciti.  

"Podcast episode on Viewless Wings with the poem "Aubergine."

"Chernobyl Spring" is now live at 34 Orchard.

Three-mile Bridge, Late Summer, Headwaters" will be appearing in an upcoming issue of Points & Parks.  

"General Sherman Tree" will be appearing in an upcoming issue of Catamaran Literary Magazine.

"Lady Lazarus" was published in the Spring issue of Equinox.

In January 2022, David was nominated by the Eureka City Council as California Poet Laureate. 

"Seconds" is available to read in the inaugural issue of Abandoned Mine.

"Around Mt. Tamalpais" is an article in the Northcoast Journal about Gary Snyder's hike around the mountain in 1965.  David and his daughter made this same trek recently.

"Subjunctive Mood" was accepted for publication in an upcoming issue of Contemporary Verse 2.

David is hosting the KMUD poetry show every third Wednesday from 8-8:30 pm.  Tune in to 91.1 FM or listen live online.

"Weekend Plans" selected for the anthology
 “Poems to Lift You Up and Make You Smile” (Parson’s Porch & Company)

"Liturgy at Slide Ranch" and "Gokotta" will be published in an upcoming issue of Subterranean Blue Poetry.

"Aubergine" was a finalist in Sand Hill Literary Magazine's spring contest and will be published in an upcoming issue.

The chapbook Tuluwat Island was accepted for publication by Finishing Line Press.

"Subtracting the Darkness" is in the current issue of the Deronda Review.  

"What the Hands Say of Love" is now live on 34 Orchard.  In addition, his poem "Chernobyl Spring" will be published in the following 34 Orchard edition.  

Three poems were accepted by Propertius Press for their upcoming "Spheres and Canticles" issue: Depaysement, Culaccino, Mono No Aware (to be published in April 2021).

The poetry chapbook "To Pewetole Island" won third place and honorable mention in the sixth Tony Quagliano International Poetry Award
"Uncertainty" was published in the September issue of The West Review.  

"A Tribe of My True Affections" was published in the website Califragle.

David is featured as Poet of the Week on Poetry Superhighway's website during the week of January 27-February 2, 2020.  If you miss it, you can easily find this work in the website archives.  
Two poems were recently videotaped on Public Access TV in Eureka

"Darshan-abhilashi" (one of the untranslatable word poems) was accepted for publication in First Things.  

Several untranslatable word poems appeared on the latest Sunflower Sutras podcast (near the end of the show).

The City of Eureka's Arts and Culture Commission announced on 8/20/19 that David has been selected as the city's first Poet Laureate.  Here's an article about this honor.

David will be featured poet in Fishbowl Press's upcoming issue and will have five poems from Language Lessons, including "Ilunga," "Flaner," ""Fernweh," "Dustceawung," and "Duende." 
"Unified Field Theory" won honorable mention in Poetry Matters 2019 contest.

"To Pewetole Island" was accepted to be included in the anthology You Can Hear the Ocean: An Anthology of Classic and Current Poetry.  Brighten Press, 2019.

Recent article
about David, his background, and his new book, The Bridge.

"Subtracting the Darkness" was published in the new anthology, The Novice Writer, which you can find through Amazon.  

David was part of Access Humboldt's "Short Story Show."  You can watch him perform several of his poems.

"Gurfa" and "Depaysement" were accepted by Toyon, Spring 2019.  "Depaysement" won the Barbara Curiel Award.  

"Broken" from The Bridge was published in the Northcoast Journal in its January 10, 2019 issue.  

Six of the poems from David's new book of poems Language Lessons: A Linguistic Hejira have been published.  You can follow this linguistic hejira on davidholper at

David's second collection of poems The Bridge has been accepted for publication by SequoiaSong Publications and will be available in hardback, paperback, and ebook in April 2019 on Amazon..
The poem "What the Hands Say of Love" was accepted for inclusion in the Visible Poetry Project.  New Jersey film maker Daniel Hu is creating a video of this poem.  An early version is available now.

The villanelle "Listen to the Voice That Speaks Within Your Heart" was recently awarded honorable mention in the online anthology I Come From the World.

The narrative poem "Du Xooni" based on fishing experiences in Ketchikan, Alaska won the Noctua Review poetry contest for 2017.

The satirical poem "The Dead Grandmother" about student excuses for late work won first place in Rotting Post Humor Contest, Fall 2016.
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