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Review of Language Lessons: A Linguistic Hejira

bookswithharpreet (Instagram Book Review)

Book: Language Lessons.
Author: David Holper.
Rating: 10/10📚

Language Lessons is an intriguing and powerful collection of gripping poems which are aptly described as a 'spiritual journey.' These poems have been explored in more than a hundred untranslatable words.

The book takes readers on a gratifying journey of healing and transformation to invoke a sense of peace. Each poem gives a story and independence to re-evaluate the choices and decisions that we take.

This book took me by surprise and surpassed my common expectations. These 109 words largely derived from other languages, giving a perfect pathway for hope and love. It was absolutely interesting the way the poet skillfully curates the formation of words to describe one's soul search for tranquility and harmony. 

The themes are all diversified perspectives of various hues of life such as family, love, longing, sex, humour, dreams, memories, and many more. It's more than just an ordinary collection of thought-provoking poems, it's a warm welcome to the gracious conjunction of emotions and thoughts. 

I found Language Lessons in the appropriate phase of my life as I'm transmuting from a unshaped sense 
of individuality to that of self-realization. It's a journey that each one of us takes someday in the lives.

"At best, you are the tiniest speck, the brie
fest flicker in the cosmos. Hold that vast knowledge close in wonder that to you was offered the gift to witness such unfathomable wonders."

- An excerpt from the poem titled 'Kalpa.'
I'd highly recommend this uniquely well-written book to those readers who value the opportunity to meet soul-stirring poetry that leads them on the path of self-discovery of solace and bliss. I'm sure one cannot deny the magnetic pull of these meticulously penned poems as they journey through them.

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